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SharePoint Form Authentication I

This article is mainly for SharePoint Form Authentication using ActiveDirectory Memebership Provider and LDAP Role Provider.

As you may know, there are some disadvantages if you decided to use Form Auth in SharePoint especially crawling and MySite. But you can set to be possible and I’m going to show the configurations in detail.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the pictures due to error so I’m going to do this later…

For now, there’s requirements before to do it.
 1. Add users or computers to Active Directory
  - Create a Organizational Unit
  - Create a new group
  - Create Users

2. Extend Web Applications
Let’s assume
  domain - calgarytips.com
  port:80 - intranet
  port:1755 - ssp1
  port:3000 - central admin

  1) extends web app (port: 80)
    - Host Header: extranet.calgarytips.com
    - Allow anonymous: true
    - Zone: Extranet

  2) extends web app SSP1 (port: 1755)
    - same as upper one
    - same as upper one
    - same as upper one

Once you have done that, you can see added web sites using IIS manager and the difference between intranet and extranet is hostheader ex. blank, extranet.karl.com