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The last free version of .NET Reflector (Ver 6.8)

Finally I got a free Reflector Ver 6 after I register with a key from Red-Gate. The redgate posted a message that It will not expire or force you to update for this version. I've used it for around one month and I haven’t got any disturbing messages yet.

You can register by using the link on the Disassembler window or help menu. You will get received an email with a serial key as soon as you register it. (This serial key can be used to active up to 5 machines.)

Unfortunately there is no separate download link for this version. Only available to existing users of the free edition and the update mechanism will update to the 6.8 version. I cannot guarantee you all things work well so your reflector may be upgrated to version 7.

I sent the my reflector folder(contains files) (Ver 6.8) to one of my colleagues and she executed it then activation / registration window popped up so she could register using the register button. Look for the version 6.8 near around you then you will get the last free version.